Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend Run To Kentucky

So Dave and Shoprag left outta here yesterday around 2pm.
They took a couple of streetglides from work since they only
have two days off work and you know it's a twelve hr haul to
Kentucky. They stopped around Ashville at like 9:30, threw a
tarp over the two bikes and made a little fire. Dave said he woke
up this morning and have every article of clothing on that he had
in his saddle bag. Anyway after a hot breakfast and some kick ass
coffee at the Waffle House they are on the highway again. They
should be rollin into Kentucky sometime this afternoon
where a bunch of the Shadetree family is waiting for them.
I hear Maddag is having a little shindig for them.
They gona party there ass's off for the rest of the evening and hit
the high road tomorrow to head back to J'ville. To be Continued.......

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