Sunday, November 27, 2011

Some people suck at life

Last night on my way to Wilmington after work I witnessed a horrific wreck in front of me. Just seconds before it happened this mother fucker came by me in his Honda doing 70mph in a 45mph zone well that didnt last long when he plowed into the back of another car. Luckily a Marine, off duty policeman, an off duty EMT, and myself were able to act as fastly as we could. She this mother fucker who sucks at life had been downing FOUR LOCO's and plowed into a car with 2 women up front one being elderly and 3 kids in the back all under the age of 14. They had to life flight 2 of the kids out. The dude got was coming and got tased a few times when he resisted arrest. You FOUR LOCO FAGOT suck at fucking life you FUCKING FUCK.

Sorry for all the rants lately

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