Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bitter but Sweet

Over a year ago a very good friend of ours was leaving to come meet us to ride on one our usual Sunday rides. Well Josh never showed, we later found out that he was cut off by a F-350 pulling a trailer in front of Dunkin Donuts. Josh having no front brake stood on the rear brake pedal and locked her down, he evaded the trailer but the ass end of the bike hit the trailer and sent him and the Ironhead into a whirlwind. He was air lifted to Pitt where he spent months in recovery. He has been in rehab for over a year and has seen much improvement. He went from basically being paralyzed on his whole side of his body. Now he can walk and he has movement in his right arm that he can shake your hand. Josh would love to ride again but at this point in his life he has much bigger goals. He begins school at Penn State this winter and is moving back home. He and Dave-o worked a deal out and now the bike belongs to Dave-o and will be the heart of his Ironhead build. Dave-o saved some of Josh's keep sakes from the bike like his gas tank and a few others and hung them on the wall for when Josh wants to ride again. Good luck Josh

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