Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Another 51

My friend Brandy just scored this sweet 51 Pan to go with her newly built Sporty

Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Yellow Submarine

 So right now in eastern NC it's really hard to get motivated to work in the shop cause its like an oven in there.  We dont A/C in the shop just a few fans so life is miserable in there in the daytime.  So about 9 o'clock last night I got motivated to work, so I went out and ended up making a new rear fender cause I'm so close to being done and still waiting on my paint.
 Looks good to finally see my queen seat that made on their.
I will paint the fender black or something so it dont look so crazy.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Hugaroot Aug31st-Sept2nd

Make plans now, Labor day weekend Aug 31st- Sept 2nd will be our annual Hugaroot BBQ.  We have some food Friday night but Saturday is the big day and BBQ, camping is welcome, sleep wherever you find space, plenty of beer, plenty of food, everybody is welcome.  If you wake up Sunday and feel hungover thats fine cause we will have breakfast and we always go for a nice hangover ride. 

These will be waiting for us on the hangover ride.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Sneak Peak

Dozer sent this pic of his Shovel that he just re-did for the something teenth time prob.  But like always this version looks good too.

Pics From Wauseon

Texas Scott was at Wauseon and scored some pics and a killer video but I'm having issues uploading the video right now.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


So I went to my first Roller Derby match in Wilmington Sat and I am hooked. Me and Amanda watched girls slam, ram and just get down. There was Electra Q-tion, Elbow Maccaroni, Kat Von Kill and Iona Trailer just to name a few of these badass women. There looking for reruits hmmmmm maybe ive found my calling LOL. Oh and Amanda made the team she starts practice soon and I will be there to cheer her on for her first match.

Posted by Tam

Groovey Vibrations

So things have been slow around here as of late, its hot in the shop, and work has been hectic with people wanting apes on their baggers, but thats another rant for another day.  Dave-o and Tam dismantled some freebie stuff we got, while I made a trip to Wilmington. 
 I had 3 S&S B carbs and needed to make one for myself and find a good top for Kyle in Baltimore.  By the way I am looking for a S&S intake for my Panhead if anyone knows where one is I'm in dire need.
 I went to Wilmington to see Eirik and Wes at Rare Air Werks to pick up this sweet tank that I had to have.  So it's not a guarentee but I may run this tank until I get my tins back.

I'm kinda diggin the look alot.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Do This!

Posted by Tam

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Some Tough Bikes At Born Free

 I'm sure this bike will get alot of coverage but its a water colled Knuck

Chip In Amsterdam

So Chip is on a European vacation and sent us these pics from Amsterdam.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

2 Sweet Scoots

Back To Mondays

So its been over a few weeks since me and Dave have worked in the shop, due to trips and the heat.
 Dave did some work on a coffin tank that may be saved.
I have a Panhead with no tins and its getting depressing.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

It's My Birthday!!!!!!!!!!

So another year has come and gone and I'm turning 40 AGAIN for the third time. So if your not doin anything tonight, swing by the house and have a few beers with me and some friends. It's always a good time. I might even let loose, get drunk, throw up and pass out. Why not ITS MY BIRTHDAY.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Worldparty 2012 in Kentucky

So Dave and I took a road trip to KY for the worldparty last week. We left Thursday and got back this past Monday. Wow what a trip, we put over 1500 miles in four days. We left Jville stopped in Bristol Va at my moms for a nights sleep. Got up the next morning and headed for Lexington KY. Meet up with some friends had a killer lunch at the Sidebar in KY. Off to the worldpary, oh did I mention it was 112 degrees. We drank a butt load of beer, good food and just hung out with all our friends. We got up Sunday and headed for Maggie Valley to see Dale at the Wheels Through Time Museum. That place is awesom. Did I mention it was 100 degrees. We found a cheap ass hotel that smelled like a nursing home but we did not care. We just needed a shower and boy was that water black when we got done haha. Headed back home on Monday, hit some rain but all in all it was a good fun time. Heres a few pics....enjoy. See everyone at the Rock in October.