Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Procrastination and Death Threats

Procrastination- The act of replacing high priority actions with task of low priority, and thus putting off important task to a later time.

So me and Dave-o are guilty of procrastinating so we decided this weekend to hammer down and knock some shit out.
Dave-o worked on making mounts for his oil tank, they look good.

Ever since Tim decided to put my Panhead in Showclass 3 I have been receiving death threats from anonymous people claiming my Panhead is a replica of DS Josh's Ironhead that was featured in Showclass 1. Well to put all the rumors to a stop I decided to build a new Panhead roller.

Gutting the old

Gutted and gonna rest in the corner of the parts room.

The new foundation for the Panhead

Some where hiding in our stash was these sweet narrow glide trees.

I was gonna use this spool that was laced to a 19" and lace it to a 21" but once I cut the spokes loose I found the hub to be mangled and bent. So any body with a spool hub I'm in the market.

Cutting mounts off the frame

Dave-0 is running a cable operated rear drum so he made a few gadgets to help out the operation of the cable.

Dave-o used a clutch release arm to stabilize the cable.

We had to skinny up some fat-bob gas tanks.

Every single piece of hardware that came off my old bike was painted with the purple paint.

Some what of a bike I had in my head.

Then it was back to the drawing board, this thing is gonna have a crazy high ride height. But everybody was saying to skinny up the tanks even more so with a quick trip to Lowe's we got sheet metal to skinny up more.

The left side was the old skinny, and the right side is the new skinny.

Got alot more to do but I'm getting stoked now that this is looking good. Josh I was just joking about the death threats I just needed an excuse to build a different bike.

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