Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm Thankful For SHOWCLASS mag

It's Thanksgiving and I'm thankful for ShowClass magazine. Now I've been reading some shit that has been going down with the mags as of late. I have talked with Tim about it, and let me tell you Tim and Clarke have been busting their asses trying to make this right.
I have had a few conversations with Tim on who I knew has gotten the mag and who hasn't gotten the mag. Look this guy throws a party and opens his shop up and cooks food and puts up with a bunch of drunks for a night. He has created with the help of friends a rad mag. There is a good reason it's not on the book shelf at Barnes and Nobles, they want true legit people to read this mag.

On the same sheet of music Clarke is the same type guy. I was on my way to Brooklyn for the Invitational and snapped a throttle cable. I called a few people and Clarke came to my rescue, he didn't know me from Timbuktu but he came through with the help of some friends and helped me out and got me to Brooklyn and back to North Carolina. The shitty part is that I got to hang out with Clarke for a short bit at the DICE party. Clarke's truck was broken into which contained T-shirt's, Show Class mag's and other stuff. He was so pissed and just scooted back to Philly.

People complain about the method of getting the mags, people complain about the quality of naked women in the mag, people complain about the quality of pictures, next thing you know you guys are gonna complain about the type of bikes. Look here just relax be kool the mags are coming. I have received my mag and even when I had not received it yet I still bought koozies and T-shirts to support those dudes out. Who cares that the naked women suck if you want better go read Playboy or Easyriders. I like the fact that some of the pictures are not of high gloss, photo chopped abortion pictures. So to the guys that make it happen at Show Class, to their families that put up with them going through naked photos and bike non stop, to everyone that has had a subscription to the mag and not bitched cause they are still reading issues 1 and 2 for the 8th time, We salute you with a beer if I see you I will buy you a beer. Thanks for bringing chopper goodness to my table for dinner.

Dave-o says fuck you whiny ass little hipster fucks EAT SHIT AND DIE.