Monday, November 7, 2011

Bikes for charity

So every year around time we start raising some money for our Shadetree kids for Christmas. We adopt a family for Christmas that cant provide for themselves and we provide for them. This year we did a chili cookoff and a bicycle build off, the bikes were nuts.
Kyle's creation "Top Gun"

Me and dave-o's teens era motocycle

Bobbi and Beaner's OCC inspired bike.

This band was booked by the bar, they sang your basic classic rock so we took advantage of the juke box as much as possible.

Josie and her first time at a bar she loved it.

Until Tam was pinching her making her cry

So nobody believed you could ride Kyle's bike so me and dave-o decided to try it out.

My ol man bragging with his 2nd place bike build off trophy and 2nd place chili trophy.

Kenny the owner of the bar, thanks for letting us do as we please which pretty much means raise hell.

Kyle and his crew showed up to ride their bike.

Seriously trailering the bicycle.

Russell made an appearance but wasn't budging with Kyles bull shit.

The South is gonna rise again I swear.

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