Friday, December 30, 2011

Favorite 10 bikes of the year

These are in no order, these are just my favorite 10 bikes that I saw in person and they just did it for me
Texas Scott's Knuckle, and he swears it's not done. I wouldn't change a thing except oil and tires.

Slim's Panhead a memory from my teenhood.

Max's Knuck was really impressive at the Brooklyn Invitational.

This symbolizes the rebirth of Shadetree Racing and the bike is sick for a drag bike.

Jeremiah from Love Cycles has built numerous bikes I like, and is the reason why I decided to build a new roller for my Pan.

Kyle didn't cut any corners and actually painted this bike. It's pretty kick ass and I know Kyle was relieved to have it done.

This Sporty was at Vander's and is sick.

Lots going on with this bike but it works great together.

That's right Steve's sporty from Moto Scum, without his springer failing him me and Dave-o wouldn't have gotten to meet a greater bunch of guys in the Peanut City Geeks, Moto Scum, and Death Science guys.

Papaw's Panhead, still to this day the paint job amazes me, but I can appreciate the work and craftsmanship in this bike cause Papaw rides this bike everywhere without a hiccup (knock on wood).

A night out with Beaky

So after work Beaky wanted to come by the shop and hang out. Well there isn't any hanging out in our shop so I put his ass to work making a bracket.The bracket so my toggle switches will be right in front of me.

I began work on my new idea for a rear seat. I wanted her to be tall and skinny like the sissy bar. Truthfully nobody will really ride back here to be honest with you. But in case they do they will have some padding.

Now I'm stuck between these two tail lights. Ace will have the answer tho.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Xmas present

Got this kool little guy for Christmas from my grandparents, I always thought it was the koolest when I was a kid.

Jimmy's Pan is done

Jimmy is a good friend of Chip, he had a local shop in Cali build this bike.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Live Wire Originals

So my good friend Jeff owns Live Wire powder coat and wanted to get some exposure and into the blog world. Check it out

Exhaust mounting is Exhausting

I shaved an exhaust mounting bolt to fit in the slot.

Tack welded the bracket for the exhaust. Its a bit close to the brake but pretty sure its gonna work.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Getting over Christmas

We mounted the Yankee headlight

Tam got Ace this sick poster to put up on the wall.

This guy is our motivation when we are burnt out or stumped. This guy just laughs at us and says hey I'm riding my scoot and your bitching about how straight your sissy bar is.

Back to the headlight.

Now this week Ace is out of town all week to Cleveland so I am doing a little work by myself but its inventory time at work, and I hate numbers more than anything.

Last night I worked on this queen seat for the bike, I am torn I may just go with this first version and just put about 2 inches of padding on it.

I made a step-up piece for a queen seat and so I could have a stash spot but I literally hate the was this thing looks right now, it just doesn't flow to me at all.

Any ideas or opinions lets here them unless they deal with pucker bushes please.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas

My wish list

Texas Scott has a great collection of bikes in his garage, and thats what I want for Christmas a garage full of old bikes.

Or a cat that I can dress up in holiday sweaters. Kyle got his paint job colors from his cats sweater by the way.

Santa wants to pose for Show Class for Christmas or he is just a sick individual.

Merry Christmas everybody

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Brotherly Love

Flathead Jay and Florida Jay doing some riding around the big apple.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rear section is finally getting there

We finally finished the rear wheel set-up which is a 18" Akront rim laced to a big twin hub.

So we mounted the fender.

Thanks ShowClass and Heavy for correcting our sissy bar build, the concrete floor doesn't make for a good jig.


Tabs for the sissy bar to sit upon.

There she is mounted

Have to make a few more mounts for the sissy bar and fender, but this is the look the bike will have. I'm more stoked now than ever.