Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Close calls and loses of the weekend

When you strap your helmet on and put you gloves on, and jump on your bike for a ride, whether it be a casual stroll, your commute to work, or a vacation that has been planned for weeks, you take a chance. I think I can safely say that everyone that I know or that reads this blog will agree and knows what chance they are taking and are kool with that. It's the satisfaction you get of riding a back road, splitting traffic, or re-uniting with a good friend you only see when you ride. I have been told since I was a kid by my father that there are two types of riders, those that have, and those that will.
Our buddy Pat went down Saturday thanks to a family too busy worrying about their Bojangles order than Pat on his bike, he is fine tho just real sore. Good thing all that time in the military paid off as he combat rolled a bit he told me.

My good friend Tinman or Dean to some didn't have as good of luck on Sunday. I don't know all the details of his accident, I just know his family and friends surrounded him as he left this place. Tinman rock on dude

Chad's progress

Friday, January 27, 2012

Forever Young

Some things never change like I still drink Milwaukee's Best Light, I still hit on Irish women, and wear some crazy ass Hawaiian shirts. But I don't look like I'm 12 anymore.

Turn for the good

Lately I have had some shitty luck, I snapped my belt on the sporty, and ruined a $600 camera lens.

Things are beginning go up again got some $1 taco's and beer the other night.

This bitching refrigerator magnet came in the mail from Lowbrow along with a bunch of other goodies too.

Put your ass in some class

So I made a seat pan for my queen seat and took my solo seat to a local upholstery shop. Walt has been hard at it for along time in the upholstery trade. Now don't get me wrong Haifley Bros make great seats, and I will have me one soon, but I also like to support my local friends too. If you need any work give him a call and tell him Shoprag sent ya.

Walt at Pace Auto Interiors, phone number is (910) 346-2100

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chip's score

Chip has stupid good luck at finding stuff, he just found this gas tank that is pretty bitching I must say.


Sending my tins out to Cassanova for paint, pretty stoked at this point.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Helping a brother in need

So Wes called me last week and said he blew his head gasket in his chop. So me and Dave-o have ahad a slow week so we said bring it up to
J-actionville. He did and it was a kool time hanging with him.

Dave-o basically was the builder and me and Wes did the biotch work but we finished it a few hours and Wes was back on hiw way.

We retired and went to watch some football games at a local watering hole.

Tam fell in love with Dave-o all over again with this kiss.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kyle's mock-up

Cardboard and blue masking tape is way kooler for mock-up

Art sometimes is just WOW

Monday, January 23, 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012

Meet Chad

I talk about Chad a lot and show pics of his Shovel build, but I have not introduced him, he is a brother from Kentucky and supports us as much as possible. He has been known to have horrible facial hair but we can get past that. Now this is what happens when Chad has to deliver a package (literally), to your house.

Chad don't ever text your wife this because you should know she will tell the entire world.

It's Friday..go have a beer !!!!!!!!!!

Totally awesome


Badass mutherfucker



Around the shop

The shop has been a bit boring as of late to post anything, I have been running tap's and die's through my motor cleaning all the bead blast out, and Dave-o finished welded a bit for me. We have a few projects we need to start and alot of engine work.

We started to put Joe's motor back together but it's a fucking Ultima and they suck and don't know what gaskets are for what generation year because they screw so much up and did I mention they suck.

The Panhead motor will be going together soon, as I have all my parts to assemble.

The rest of the Panhead is spread all over, this is the part that sucks you build this awesome bike in your head then take it apart and send it to paint, powdercoat, and it's in other's hands not yours. But when it all comes back it will be bitchin I know.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


I took a pic of this carving Tye Dye Joe has been working on, it's pretty killer, he has a few 100 hours in it, but it's as smooth as a baby's butt.

Chad's Shovel build

Chad shaved and made these legs look pretty. While he was down we did some trading and he got some kool things for his Shovel build and we got some kool things for a future build we have.

His frame isn't looking so bad either, Maddog and Chad finished up the hardtail section now he has to start mounting fenders, tanks, etc.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Russell has been tagging randomly while out training.

Two of his buddies.

Nate scored this FXDX out in Cali.

Chip sent me this pic he just washed his bike and bam, it turns to 20 degree temps. But damn that bike looks good.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The weekend Chad and Sara went to CT

The CT is a very special place to us and we try to take all of our friends to this place. Chad and Sara made the mecca trip down from Kentucky.

Sawzall and his glasses were gay.

Chad and Dave-o

Pat had this great idea to go kareoke was a great idea. $1.50 High Life bottles too.

Pat the legend.

This random dude challenged me to a dance off it was quite entertaining I hear.

Monday is our workday in the shop we hit the Panhead hard and dissassembled it and finish welded alot.

Not only do we sell bitching bikes to a younger generation we mentor them too. Who wouldn't want a old bike with warranty. Dave-o and Beaky did some tweaking and tuning on Aqua Lung.