Monday, October 31, 2011

The Weekend

So we decided to go to Zombiefest in Wilmington but to go responsible, so we got a bunch of friends and piled them up in the RV and got a sober DD and off to Wilmington we went.
We played a few drinking games on the way.

Dave-o as Waldo and Tam as a sheriff.

Now Zombiefest was pretty awesome they had 7 bands for the small price of $10.00.

We decided to make the pilgrimage over to the Barboury Coast too tho. This guys had an awesome costume.

Pizza was a must too.

Back at Zombiefest they put this coffin on the stage before the Phantom playboys played.

After the Phantom Playboys electrified the crowd the main band was up The Straight 8's.

The show was awesome and I don't remember much of the night ride home, which is why we got a RV and a DD for that reason alone.

So Sunday none of us were recovered but we rode to Morehead City to a bike show.

The show last year was really good, this year they had too much billet shit and the antique class was the same bikes as last year. So we ate a great shrimp burger and split. Our buddy in Sneads Ferry has a bar and was having his last bike day of the year so we figured it would be a good time.

Our buddy Rock just finished his Shovel and it was a sweet bike.

The keg beer from Zombiefest still was kicking Dave-o's ass.

At Shawn's bar the place was packed, hardly any room to park and people everywhere.

This hotty was passing out free cozies and beer merch. She may be a new Showclass homesick model if were all lucky.

After some fun at the bar we decided to just cruise back to the house and drink a bit around the bonfire. Pat's Ironhead has those new fishtails which are obnoxious loud.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Hold that pose

Bobbi's new exhaust

These are parts of the old scrambler exhaust and heat sheilds but modified into a new 2-1 system.

Josie hung out watching us carve pumkins in a pumkin.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


This is the before pic but I just got my cases back from being bead blasted, now gotta line lap the cases and start the build process.

Nice Evo

Dozer's Pan

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Weekend sights

So I went this weekend to visit my sister in Boone, Sunday was a gorgous day so we went and rode the Blue Ridge Parkway for a good 3 hours and got some great photos.