Friday, September 30, 2011


So Oct. 7-9 at Rockingham Raceway the AHDRA will invade the dragstrip for the weekend. Since I was 16 I have spent my birthday there with friends watching drag racing. So if that doesn't alone make you want to come out, come watch Maddog on the KuroMori. Maddog owned "the fastest handshift bike in the world" title at one time. If you like the smell of race fuel and burning wheels and speed then come visit us at the end of the track having one hell of a time.

Stan's latest project

Stan works at Flat Line Customs and helped out Chip a great deal with his Panhead, this is his latest project.

Jay's Flatty

The best was Jay and Jay riding to the show together.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

some randoms

Needed Upgrade

So my old air cleaner looked kool but sucked once I got caught in the rain, so a local buddy made me one hell of a deal so I upgraded to this S&S Super E. Thanks Bobby

Max Schaff

If you want the chance to ask Max a few questions go to the SHOWCLASS site and find the post to ask away. He will answer em in issue 4.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A nights work

A guy that works with us has this 76 Shovel and asked Dave-o to give it a look over, in doing so we found the rear exhaust pipe was hanging the threaded insert in the head was stripped completely out and was left with a huge hole.
We got the head back from our local machine shope P&M Performance, they did a great job like always on the head.

The head after the fix.

It's altogether but the carb could use some tweaking now.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My favorite at the invitational

Michael Barragan built this sweet bike if I remember right

Kyle's finished mock up

These are the sneak peak pics I got of his bike, he is gonna paint it now.

Steve's Shovel

I met Steve on my way to Brooklyn he was able to bail me out with a throttle cable and throttle housing. He has an awesome looking shovel and supposedly some other kool bikes too. Check his work at

Chip bored on a rainy day

So Chip has started collecting parts for his next build, harmon girder, and some crazy ass frame with awesome paint.

He can't change this paint its killer

Anderson footpegs on the highway pegs

His magical tail light