Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Breath of Fresh Air

Sometimes in life is nice to work on something new for a change rather than the same ol routine at work. Kyle alot of times get stuck building or working on these monstrosities called choppers of the new motorcycle generation that find comfort in trailering there shit to the nearest bike week and parade around with Affliction shirts and skull doo-rags. That life sucks but it does pay the bills.
Kyle has been working on this Triumph, for the most part it is a pretty kool but I'm not diggin some of the stuff but the guy had to have a crazy shift arm and stuff so.

This bike is every bit of 10' long.

The rear set-up is most definitely my favorite.

The shifter arm is not my favorite but hey there is an ass for every seat so.

I just want to see Kyle test ride this thing its gnarly long.

What's Everybody Want

So I got my heads back and they look great and the price was even better than they look. P&M Performance in Richlands NC is the hook-up I tell ya. If you have a lousy machinest in your neck of the woods contact me and I will get you set up with a great shop.

Dave-o mounted this sick ass wheel that he had powdercoated and laced.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Procrastination and Death Threats

Procrastination- The act of replacing high priority actions with task of low priority, and thus putting off important task to a later time.

So me and Dave-o are guilty of procrastinating so we decided this weekend to hammer down and knock some shit out.
Dave-o worked on making mounts for his oil tank, they look good.

Ever since Tim decided to put my Panhead in Showclass 3 I have been receiving death threats from anonymous people claiming my Panhead is a replica of DS Josh's Ironhead that was featured in Showclass 1. Well to put all the rumors to a stop I decided to build a new Panhead roller.

Gutting the old

Gutted and gonna rest in the corner of the parts room.

The new foundation for the Panhead

Some where hiding in our stash was these sweet narrow glide trees.

I was gonna use this spool that was laced to a 19" and lace it to a 21" but once I cut the spokes loose I found the hub to be mangled and bent. So any body with a spool hub I'm in the market.

Cutting mounts off the frame

Dave-0 is running a cable operated rear drum so he made a few gadgets to help out the operation of the cable.

Dave-o used a clutch release arm to stabilize the cable.

We had to skinny up some fat-bob gas tanks.

Every single piece of hardware that came off my old bike was painted with the purple paint.

Some what of a bike I had in my head.

Then it was back to the drawing board, this thing is gonna have a crazy high ride height. But everybody was saying to skinny up the tanks even more so with a quick trip to Lowe's we got sheet metal to skinny up more.

The left side was the old skinny, and the right side is the new skinny.

Got alot more to do but I'm getting stoked now that this is looking good. Josh I was just joking about the death threats I just needed an excuse to build a different bike.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Some randoms from the trip to Kentucky

Some people suck at life

Last night on my way to Wilmington after work I witnessed a horrific wreck in front of me. Just seconds before it happened this mother fucker came by me in his Honda doing 70mph in a 45mph zone well that didnt last long when he plowed into the back of another car. Luckily a Marine, off duty policeman, an off duty EMT, and myself were able to act as fastly as we could. She this mother fucker who sucks at life had been downing FOUR LOCO's and plowed into a car with 2 women up front one being elderly and 3 kids in the back all under the age of 14. They had to life flight 2 of the kids out. The dude got was coming and got tased a few times when he resisted arrest. You FOUR LOCO FAGOT suck at fucking life you FUCKING FUCK.

Sorry for all the rants lately

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Whats in the water

Im having these visions that my Panhead is gonna morph into a new look with a wishbone frame.

Chip is spotting some knarly BEWARE signs

OZ and Pat the old guys pulled an all nighter and took apart the Triumph

Tie Dye Joe has cleaned up his act and wants to tour with Billy Joe Shaver

While touring he can spot VW bugs literally

Tho he found this awesome bike that somebody left

He may be accepting applications for women under 100lbs to operate the foot clutch soon

And last but not least I have found the most bitching pair of Cowboy Mariachi boots ever.

Friday, November 25, 2011

I've Been Everywhere Man

Maddog's Daily Rider