Saturday, March 31, 2012

Whats wrong with this pic???????

Absolutely nothing.It's a little blury but yes that says 213,523. This guy rides the snot out of his motorcycle. I believe Dave said it was a 2007. This guy rolled into Harley last week.Dave calls me and says you got to come see this bike. So I did and wow was this ... well lets just say words cant describe it. You literally have to see this thing in person. This guy was in his mid fifties. He rides all over the counrty changing horses shoes. He carries all his tools with him on his bike and alot of 100 SPF. I actually talked to him and he is totally badass. I took me about 30 minutes to take in all the craziness he had hanging from every inch of his bike.... here's a peek.

Posted by Tam

Friday, March 30, 2012

Randomness Due To My Screw Up

So I should have a roller by now but I totally screwed up my aluminum spacers in the the lathe and had to start from scratch on them again.  So since I fudged on that I thought I would share the randomness that my friends send me that we are helping out with in whatever way we can.
 First off if you change your tire and you have spokes clean the rim with a metal wire brush or you will end up with a shitty rim like this one off the 66 Shovel.
 Was cruising around and seen this beauty for sale, I think I'm in love.
 A local guy got his paint back today, and it's really nice.  The picture does it no justice tho.
 Chip scored a 18 for the rear of his Panhead and he is putting a 23 up front.
 Sara from KY had to send me this pic because her bike is together and her husbands bike is apart, which means she can ride to Jville and hang out on the beach with me while Chad is stuck in Kentucky Wink Wink.
Rollin trimmed his rear fender up a bit is gonna throw a sissy bar on his bike for Revenge Run.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Harley Davidson 72

Get ready I think your gonna be seeing slot of these out on the roads, The new Slim isn't far behind it either. Both have been pretty goode sellers in this area.

Kenny's Road Warrior

I got sneak a peak of the bike Saturday, if anybody has a Revenge Run ticket they aren't using he is in the market for one. Contact me if you got one thanks.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Weekend That Went By Too Fast

Saturday it rained like cats and dogs but some of us scooted over to pay our respects to Robert, he was a 20 year old just about to start his life but cystic fibrosis took him away.

I took some of pics of bikes in the parking lot, but the most came out so patch infested that every bike has a Tommy tough nuts with a cane behind every bike so they are mostly worthless now.

Sunday we got to work in the shop, I repacked my wheel bearings and bolted my sprocket and rotor to the rear wheel.

Rollin began working a sissy bar into shape for his bike for the Revenge Run.

Indy Bill had to work in the rain to replace a shackle that rusted through.

Monday was me and Dave-o's day to knock some stuff out, he did some finish welding and I rebuilt my fork legs.

A nice shine but I'm gonna chrome these in the future.

Last but not least a trip to the car washto clean the road and Ironhead grime up.

Monday, March 26, 2012

For Sale..Jacksonville NC

74 Ironhead Sporster. Frame, working engine and title.Contact cheatdeath1@yahoo com or if interested.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Riding with friends

So last night we all got together and rode, man was it good to ride with everybody again, and the entertainment wasn't short either.

Luke enjoying his finally well maintained motorcycle

Keith ripping past me trying to avoid the photo op



Had to do a headlight repair job for Rollin.

Then the critter showed up and the fun started. She flew in on a bicycle with stilettos and a nicotine patch wasted out of her mind.

Tam had her do a bit of posing.

Russell grabbed the skeleton guy for some protection.

These two put up with alot of our shit for the night, even tho they had dollar bills floating in their tip jar it was all ok.

Luke took the prize and got the elaborate treatment from the critter.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Crazy Rides

A cold cold day in South Korea on the DMZ, thank God I wasn't at the wheel cause the chain command ripped this kid for wrecking the Humvee. But I got to witness the whole thing.

Tom's Shovel