Wednesday, March 27, 2013

DozerV's Shop

 DozerV has one of the neatest barns tucked into the hills of Kentucky, equipped with a machine shop, bar room, and studio for his son's band.  But he also builds some of the nicest bikes you will see.  Look in the old iron horse and his creations are scattered throughout that mag in the 2000's.

 The tank badge is not cast he tooled it to take the place of the old BSA badges.

Just a very kool shop to visit.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Just A Bit

 Dave-O has been doing some work on this Ironhead, got a bit more to do, someone spent more time on polishing rather than machanical.

 Our buddy Tye-Dye-Joe is making some awesome cigar box guitars, supposedly the Knob Creek guitar will be electric.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Getting Lucky In Kentucky

Dave and I woke the next morning and headed north to Richmond, Kentucky.  We wanted to meet up with Joe, a do-it-all kind of guy.  he and group of guys rent this awesome shop and they do it all.  They paint, they chop, they tattoo, they work with their hands, sounds crazy doesn't it.
 The shop itself was big and had a lot of space, which is a good thing seeing the number of people that use this shop on a weekly basis.

 Joe was working on his car, he has to take everything apart to paint the frame.
 Cassanova's sweet project.
 Wall art
 Joe made this awesome sign and is looking to paint it up and install light bulbs for his tattoo shop that is attached to the shop.
 Triple Crown Tattoo, by appointment only.  he hung around there and ate the hottest wings ever and then headed north to Georgetown, Kentucky.
 We ended up at DozerV's barn which is an awesome place in itself and I will show his projects later.

 Cassanova the majestic painter, painted this ammo can for a girl to use as a saddlebag on her sporty.  NO THATS NOT A STICKER, he painted the PBR logo with a few stencils.
 The paint sets for two 51 Panheads.  Mine are the copper color ones, and I am stoked about them, the other set is for Brandy and her 51 Panhead which I found out from the VIN #'s is 68 vehicles after mine.
 Taco the pinstriper
 DozerV and me
 Cassanova the next morning
 Joe tattooing Dave.  We stayed and drank Sunday and eventually were snowed in so we stayed an extra day.
Thanks to DozerV and Brandy for the hospitality and everything you guys did for us on our visit.  Once again we have some of the best friends in the world and are grateful for it.  Thanks to everyone who made our trip possible, and to anyone in the future who wants to put up with us for a trip.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tennessee Mafia

This past weekend Dave and I made a trip north with kentucky being our final destination.  I had to pick up the tins for my Panhead and Dave needed his Shadetree tattoo.  Via Kentucky was Kingsport, Tennessee.
 We stopped at Brother Johns house and was welcomed with chicken on the grill, beer in the fridge, and friends on the porch.  Paulie, and Psycho were there for a bit and we all ate like kings cause Brenda kept filling the table with food she had made.
 As the night progressed we made our way to the shop because we were so loud and had to let the kids sleep.  But the laughter and jokes were abroad.
 Frito's old triumph project
 There was a second crew that rolled in that has us hurting in the stomach from laughter, these are the culprits.
 Low-T aka Mark
 Jarrod, who is very photo genic i must say.
 Pickle and Dave
 These guys are as country as they come, but are awesome guys.  i will be heading back north soon to hang with those guys just so I can see the projects they have.  We are gonna introduce the world to what bikes the Tri-City area can build, they are bitching bikes.
 Its even kooler that they drive a Geo
Some of the morning carnage leftover, the rest made it in the trash.  Thanks Brother John and Brenda for the meal, beer, and beds to rest our heads. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The OG's

 About 2 weeks ago I took a trip north to Youngsville to visit with the OG's, i first arrived at kevins place and snapped a few pics and drank some of his beer waiting on him.
 Kevin's Flathead

 Well we had to make a run over to Ken's shop to work Kevin's new find.  We tore the whole primary off and began fixing everything as we found neccesary to fix. 

 Ken's shop was spectacular and his wife treated us to some great food that weekend.

There will be an on going theme that will follow this post.  HOSPITALITY. Dave and I have traveled all over the place lately and everywhere we go we are met with some of the best friends and the best treatment.  Some of you would say the same for us but seriously we are just paying it back cause thats how we are treated we feel like. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Tins

The panhead named Iman is looking good, gonna change up a few things but this is it for the night. I have a few other tricks before she is ready to hit the road but I am trucking along. I got my new tins this past weekend and blown away with how they look. I forgot tho how much meat i took out of a set of 3.5 gallon fatbobs it will make for an interesting ride to Cali this summer.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend in Kentucky

Friday Dave and Shoprag left for Kentucky to pick up Texas Scotts bike and Shoprags tins for his panhead, Im sure he will post more pics from there trip. Anyway I stole these pics from Facebook. Looks like the guys had a great time. Oysters, shotput, beer, snow and Dave got his Shadetree tattoo from Brother Joe. Wooohoooo.