Friday, December 31, 2010

My year

The year started off with a bang I mean how could it not it was the year of 2010. If only I knew what was gonna be the year of 2010 I may of prepared my self a little better but then again I may have just let it go like it did cause it was a great trip.
Friends and family made this year what it was and wow, did I meet some great people, but wow did I meet some duche bags too. This year was made up with great rides where i met some awesome people and seen some very kool bikes.
This year saw the birth of Aqua Lung my Ironhead Sportster. She made her initial voyage on the Revenge Run, which was an awesome event and a event that needed to happen on the east coast. It got the riding juices going, and the ideas became endless.
This year saw breakdowns like no other. Dave-o's motor was down over half the year. But as I said friends and family moved this year cause never was Dave-o without a bike and thats the way it will always be. We also found out that we are better off doing our own work and if we can't do it then we know where to take the work too.
Wow Tophat bike night. What a scene, what a time, what a destruction crew we were. Showing up for our ride and there would be 20 bikes. Of course 3 or 4 would break down but we would still show up big for the beer and food and festivities that waited for us at the bar. Tires ended up on the roof, bikes in trucks, or down the road. There are plans to re-live that this year but in a different location.
The World Party in Lexington. First off what a road trip that was getting done with work and riding thru the night to make Lexington by Sunday morning. The time spent with friends was awesome too. Even tho the trip was short we still had a blast and alot of stories came from this one trip.

A much needed stop at Wheels Through Time museum where we had the red carpet treatment. The amazing bikes that we saw. Seriously this place is a must see.
This year seen wrecks and carnage also. But with all this happening it showed how strong and dedicated the human being really can be. They showed that rehab was a way of life for them to return to their normal life style. It also brought about friends that left the area for deployments or new duty stations.
The birth of a new bike UNO. Watching jason dirt bike it out the driveway was awesome but not as kool as seeing him one kick it and dave-o loose his mind. A beautiful bike with lots of class, and can still kick your dads bikes ass.
This year seen the birth of our parts room, we had too much stuff and not enough room for it. So my bed was taken out and I was forced to sleep with the parts. Guess no more fun time for me in that room.
Yes Dave-o's bike was broken down for a very long time, even Tam tried fixing it a time or two.
This year shown us to quit bitching about the economy, or your troubles in life cause somewhere else someone has it harder than you do. If you can ride, walk, eat, breathe, and drink then your doing fine. It showed to me to take the time to hang with the old guys cause there not around forever. A hero in my book isn't a super hero or a rich person, its anybody that is beating the odds and doing what they absolutely love even if its not healthy for you or not.
Bonfires at The Rock, with friends and cold beer nothing beats that.
Trips to Wilmington to party, the times we spent there are priceless and are funny as hell too. Great bands and kool friends.

When its all said and done tho tonight we can look back and say we had great rides together, whether it was to Rockingham or Kentucky, or just a 30 minute spin down some country roads. We had great parties where many stories were made, or just having a beer and venting about how much you life sucks.

The year of 2010 was a great one and I think 2011 will be that much better knowing what great friends and family we have made and met. So peace out mang

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