Monday, May 14, 2012


 Recently picked up this and a '47' straight leg frame to go with it. The intent was to build a stockish bike fatbob tanks, floorboards, etc. etc. Then............

 I got the chance to ride This, DS Tim's Pan. Plans have changed. Keep an eye out for a full tilt knuckle chopper.

As luck would have it. I gave this frame to a friend years ago for him to build a shovel around. Well he found a KILLER deal on an '82' lowrider. So he picked it up and the frame made its way back to the shop. Now this will become the fatbob stockish bike. Will be the first swingarm bike we've done so it should be interesting.

P.S. Thanks Tim for letting me ride the pan.

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  1. Anytime! Thanks for getting me back on the road..... I've got some shit for your knuckle... next time I see you..... Thanks again!