Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Latest

So the week and weekend has been nuts as of late.  I have been busy moving to my beach ponderosa and havent had much chopper time.  Dave-o has been messing with Tim's panhead a bit but he is a lazy ass and doesnt post.  My camera is in the shop right now and damn do I need a crew of NSTC down here in Jville cause we got a lot of tough guys around here.  I just want to make this very clear to everyone, I like motorcycles because they are beautiful, they are works of art, they are the most bitching thing on the planet.  I'm not into motorcycles to recieve my tough guy status, you to punk the bartender into giving you the coldest beer in the fridge.  I LOVE CHOPPERS, if you dont like that than FUCK YOU


  1. Damn good post Shoprag.


  2. Aint that what we all into this for. The whole ride , friends, and good time thing is what we want. We just got to put up with the other ones that think cuz they got a harley thay are bad ass. Wow i do hate that.