Thursday, May 10, 2012

Best Thing I've Seen

Decided to take matters into my own hands $900 dollar tool ordered and delivered.  Kick me in the nuts again please Panhead, but your so worth it


  1. Hey dudes, my friends over at death science told me you guys are apparently the shit with Iron Heads, specifically ShopRag and I think Dave? or something like that... Matt and RayRay both said you guys know some black magic voodoo shit with these things. If that's the case I'd love to get down there sometime and take a few notes and maybe even have a helping hand on mine. Right now the top end is going through a gasket build and new valve seals, then hopefully back on the road. I also am putting an S&S shorty E on that hasn't been run on the bike since I've had it, so that may create some tuning issues for me. Anyhow, I'll keep it short, but I'd love to meet you guys at some point in the near future and talk shop. Keep on keepin on guys!

  2. Yeah man hit me up when you get your motor parts back and we'll set something up.