Thursday, May 17, 2012

Myrtle So Far

Has been a total bust, but I say that with hesitation.  Sure their is bagger nation 21" front wheels flame paint job having neon light bikes.  But there have been some nice pans show up too. 
 This 58 was up at the shop, the guy was having issues with it cranking.  I took a few kicks and just decided it was easier to push start him because the kicker bearing was wore the fuck out.
 This gorgeous 60 Pan came up to the shop, talked to the guy for a good amount of time, hooked him up with spark plugs and away he went.
 This is the monstrosity shit you see.  A V-Rod motor in basically a 3 wheeler.
But it has been straight monsoon weather here so not so much party life at night. 

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