Monday, May 21, 2012

Myrtle Beach Hell to Heaven

So I spent the past 10 days working Myrtle Bike week at the dealership making extra bucks for the Born Free trip in June.  Well I had enough of the stupid questions about backrest and cup holders and extended floor boards, I needed a change and quick.  Ride To Skate was a lil too far for a one day trip and I knew the antique swap was happening in Denton along with friends being there so I shot out of work and basically told the boss man I was gone and he just asked that I take pics.
 This blue Knuck came from Kentucky, he was an awesome guy to talk to you and not a complaint one bit.  I believe his name was Roger.  So to all you Ultra Classic bagger riders dont bitch about a backrest to GA cause this bike is your bikes grandaddy.
 It was absolute heaven the entire time seeing all the old bikes and watching people ride them too.

 Matt Walksler came up and talked to us for min, he lost his razor and has a knarly beard.
 Texas Scott had his beautiful Knuck there and picked up some bitching tires for another project.
 This picture is great, these kids are riding with this guy and smiling like no other, imagine when these kids grow up what type of memories they will have of their childhood.  AWESOME
 This shovelhead car was damn impressive and everyone said damn I have never heard a Shovel that quiet ever in my life.

 Hands down this was my favorite bike that I saw at the event, it is just perfect and if you dont get it than you just dont get it, sorry I cant explaint it.
 Scott, Brooke, Carl Olsen, and myself talked about Scotts build a 38 Knuck.  Carl is super great guy and hopefully I get the chance to meet his son Matt who I've heard alot about too.  Thanks for the sticker Carl.
I hope I can ride when I'm up in age.

Myrtle Beach was killing my motorcycle emotions but damnit if Denton didnt kick em back alive.  Me and Dave-o have a ton of ideas pumping through our heads now so just wait for what comes out of the shop now.  Besides look for the Revenge Run movie later today, Dave-o will be doing signing tour following the movie so stay tuned for his dates and locations he may be in a town near you.


  1. A poofteenth late mate but a really cool post, both in pics and verbiage, you do a good spiel, from the heart counts big time.

  2. Shoprag, did you see the rig this old man brought his toys to Denton with? It was the big custom toyhauler with the triple axle trailer...gator

  3. He also installed a custom built inner primary on this sidecar rig for an electric starter. He said he was too old to kick it anymore. He used a frying pan as a pattern for the clutch was slick..