Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Your Choppers Daddy

Everybody loves pictures of a beautiful chopper on the websites these days, bikes these days are becoming works of arts, they are replicating what has been done years ago, but the fun comes in finding the old parts that have become so rare, or fabricating the one off piece. But while there are those of us who ride choppers, there are those that ride stockers. I'm fine with them, they live to keep the originality of their bike alive and ride vintage metal. This shovel belongs to a 84 year old black man named XY, yes XY is his name and I have no idea why. XY is a healthy 84 year old man, who still works for the police dept 54 years running now. XY has this beautiful 66, a 56 Pan, and a 26 JD also. He asked my dad to help him get it running, so my dad was stoked to help out, the fact that the man can still ride at 84 is awesome. Now this bike has been sitting fro awhile, 18 years to be exact because XY put the shovel in his barn and saw a snake slither across the ground. It scared the shit out of him so he didn't go in the barn for years. Well we are helping my ol' man out with this rebuild it should be fun.

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