Thursday, March 15, 2012

You May Not Know....

That I have an older sister. When I was in middle school she was working in her old man's garage wrenching on motorcycle's, riding the fender of his 57 pan all over the country, partying with the Outlaws, going to bike ralley's and just raising hell.

They didn't have lifts so this is how they changed their tires.

Bikers as far as your eye can see...Totally awesome

My sister and the fender she rode for 5 years, no footpegs either. She wrapped her legs around. Mike. He didn't have a seat for a while so he balled up his jacket and sat on that.

There friends bikse in their front yard in Midland TX

Bringing home a new bike.

The Pan.

Cindy and her badass Ford truck.

Posted by Tam


  1. Awesome pics.
    My aunt dated a guy who rode with a N.Y. City area club in the sixties. I think they were called The Breed. My grandparents were not too thrilled, but as a kid I thought it was cool as shit when the bikes would pull up to the house.
    We lost her to cancer a few years ago, so if she had any sweet pics like these they're probably gone forever.
    R.I.P. Auntie love ya'.

  2. Wonderful history and heritage man . . . and peace out to to the Herminator.

  3. Damn, I didn't know my mom ran with The Outlaws..?!?

  4. Cindy is a good cook also...Old pics and personal history are something to treasure, Thanks for shareing...gator

    PS, Thanks for the breakfast and parts also..I hope the ironhead rocker boxes work out for you..

  5. Awesome!! Fenders suck but worth the ride!! Can't wait to see you Tam and meet your sister :)