Friday, March 23, 2012

Riding with friends

So last night we all got together and rode, man was it good to ride with everybody again, and the entertainment wasn't short either.

Luke enjoying his finally well maintained motorcycle

Keith ripping past me trying to avoid the photo op



Had to do a headlight repair job for Rollin.

Then the critter showed up and the fun started. She flew in on a bicycle with stilettos and a nicotine patch wasted out of her mind.

Tam had her do a bit of posing.

Russell grabbed the skeleton guy for some protection.

These two put up with alot of our shit for the night, even tho they had dollar bills floating in their tip jar it was all ok.

Luke took the prize and got the elaborate treatment from the critter.


  1. I didn't know Tam was a poser? I know what you

  2. couple of those bikes look real familiar. Cool to see all you guys link up.