Friday, March 30, 2012

Randomness Due To My Screw Up

So I should have a roller by now but I totally screwed up my aluminum spacers in the the lathe and had to start from scratch on them again.  So since I fudged on that I thought I would share the randomness that my friends send me that we are helping out with in whatever way we can.
 First off if you change your tire and you have spokes clean the rim with a metal wire brush or you will end up with a shitty rim like this one off the 66 Shovel.
 Was cruising around and seen this beauty for sale, I think I'm in love.
 A local guy got his paint back today, and it's really nice.  The picture does it no justice tho.
 Chip scored a 18 for the rear of his Panhead and he is putting a 23 up front.
 Sara from KY had to send me this pic because her bike is together and her husbands bike is apart, which means she can ride to Jville and hang out on the beach with me while Chad is stuck in Kentucky Wink Wink.
Rollin trimmed his rear fender up a bit is gonna throw a sissy bar on his bike for Revenge Run.

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