Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Weekend That Went By Too Fast

Saturday it rained like cats and dogs but some of us scooted over to pay our respects to Robert, he was a 20 year old just about to start his life but cystic fibrosis took him away.

I took some of pics of bikes in the parking lot, but the most came out so patch infested that every bike has a Tommy tough nuts with a cane behind every bike so they are mostly worthless now.

Sunday we got to work in the shop, I repacked my wheel bearings and bolted my sprocket and rotor to the rear wheel.

Rollin began working a sissy bar into shape for his bike for the Revenge Run.

Indy Bill had to work in the rain to replace a shackle that rusted through.

Monday was me and Dave-o's day to knock some stuff out, he did some finish welding and I rebuilt my fork legs.

A nice shine but I'm gonna chrome these in the future.

Last but not least a trip to the car washto clean the road and Ironhead grime up.

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