Saturday, August 11, 2012

Panheads Forever

I've always dreamed of owning a Panhead, but once I owned one and expierenced the panhead I realized my dream wasnt to own one it was to ride one, and figure out every little thing I can about it.
 Close to 2 years ago I bought this 1951 Panhead, it was very kool and very long, everything 70's choppers were.  I had a lot of fun and took a few road trips.  On my way to kentucky last year the motor locked up on me, luckily I killed it before I threw a rod and destroyed the cases (talk about great timing).  While it was tore down I seen a bike Love Cycles was building and it looked sweet, so Dave-o talked me into building it.  We had the frame and everything else we built.  Its taken me about a year to build the motor, build the bike, and finish everything.  Finances and time are your biggest enemies not to mention trying to build the motor back to 74 cubic inches.  I will never forget the night, that I was line lapping aka line boring the cases, sweating my ass off, woundering in my head how I was gonna pay for a few parts cause bills were do, and knowing Dave-o and Tam were drinking ice cold beer watching me work my ass off.  I knew at that time that holy fuck these old bikes are great, even tho they take twice the work of a twin cam, cost three times as much, and are no where near the amount of performance of a new bike, and ruined relationships with girls, but damnit I LOVE IT.
Well I'm somewhat done with the Panhead, I have my original tins that i made getting painted still besides that all is done.  I have to thank Scotty, Smitty, Papaw, Maddog, and Dozer for your countless advice and alot of bashing about how my Panhead is the slowest of the group.  Kyle for his welding skillz and hatred for sissy bars. Tam for your countless meals, and helping out as much as possible.  Dave-o for always making sure I had locktite and telling me how to build the motor, and the kick in the ass when I needed it.