Thursday, August 2, 2012

Nice Day In The Shop

We had some beautiful weather in Jville yesterday so we were able to get out in the shop and work. 
 Dave-o and Tam trying to figure out technology or they are App shopping.
 Dave-o worked on ordans transmission which just pissed him off.
 I ran all my brake lines for the Panhead.
 The break light switch recall by HD.  These were shit on the baggers but work great on everything else.
 Bolted my seat all down and the fender on the sissy bar.
 Gator hooked me up up with this sweet intake manifold.
 I was trying to settle this delimma I had on which tail light to run, so I sent out a text to some of my peers.
 The Iron Cross won so I went with it.

I never have claimed to be great with the camera I just enjoy taking pictures and capturing the moment.  But I just learned how to take Black and White pictures with my camera so you may see alot of these.

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