Wednesday, August 29, 2012

2 Plans

Number 1 this weekend in jacksonville we are having our big BBQ so make plans to attend that, Friday night pre party, Saturday night is the big shin dig, Sunday is the hangover ride come join us.  An on-site photographer will be there to take family photo pics in your best chopper shirts.

Born Free 5 is a go.  Me and Dave-o are pinching pennies already for our cross country ride to Born Free.  Our rear wheels will start in the Atlantic and our front wheels will hit the Pacific.


  1. Publish the timeline so I can put in my vacation days.

  2. Friday as in tomo is the pre party at BSM HQ, Sat is the big shin dig and its happening all day long so show up whenever. Sunday depending on the mood is the hangover ride.

  3. How about the Great Western Voyage of 2013 timeline?