Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Night At The Track

 Saturday they had dirt track racing about an hour and a half away so i made the stroll after work and boy am I glad I did.  Awesome is all I can say and my pics do it no justice.

 Yes the guy in green has one arm, and he was giving the other guys hell on the track, pretty impressive I must say.
 Saw this awesome BSA
 These 2 youngsters were talking and I just thought they were pretty rad, little did I know that in a short 5 minutes they would be hauling ass around the track.

 Vintage race suits were awesome too.
The most impressive guy of the night was this 4 year old boy, yes 4 year old.  He even took the checkered flag and raised his left hand like yes I'm the man.

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  1. I've checked out our local flat track too. The kids are the best. They're so small they look like full-face helmets with legs!