Friday, August 12, 2011

The Rock and the return of Shadetree racing

So this is your invite to see the knarliest drag racing on the east coast. The koolest time camping with Shadetree and some of the best eating you possibly can handle. This is where it all began for Shadetree, racing at The Rock in Oct. Maddog used to bitch slap the AHDRA with his jockey shifting Herniator, Booger dragged his Knuckle to high speeds and Nitro Mark tore it up in the Nitro class.
I stole these pics from Speed and Kolor, thanks Casanova. This is the old Maddog ripping it up.

Well Maddog has gained weight, got married, and gonna become a dad. But deep down he had the urge to drag race again, so what did he do, he bought the Herniator motor back. Took some time but him and Dozer have built a sweet frame and are getting this rocket ship ready for October.

The Kiyro Muri is alive.

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