Sunday, August 14, 2011

An almost good Saturday and Sunday

First off Wade and Kelly I owe you guys, got off work went to go get the big grill to bring to Dave-o's and put my phone on the rear bumper, well as you can see I forgot to get it, it made the trip with me and got destroyed when it jumped. Thats why I couldn't be reached Sat. night.

So Kyle re-worked this fender for Chip and added to the ridge in the middle.

The plan was Chip to come down from Richmond and give his Panhead a makeover, new tank, fender, and sissybar.

Kyle drawing on the floor.

Dave-o torching it

Kyle chopping some of the fender off

Sizing the fender on the tire. Well after all the work we did nothing worked, the fender wasn't radiused for the tire and not working well, we talked Chip out of the tank, and no use in doing the new sissy bar but it does look sweet tho.

Sunday we ate breakfast and went for a little scoot before I had to come to work.

Good to see ya Chip, sorry nothing got accomplished except beer drinking.

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  1. Sometimes beer drinking is the best thing to get accomplished.