Monday, August 1, 2011


So we took off from Jville and met up with a few of the Custom destruction guys from Wilm. Had a hot ass ride down I-40 but made it none the less in 5 hours, yeah should have taken 3 at the most.

Steve got a new front end that hopefully want do him wrong

The neighbor helping out doing some welding for these guys that came from Philly

Jordan in Chopper class 101

Now the fun starts here

Some of the guys from VA had to take off hope you guys didnt get too soaked going home

You lay your sweet shovel down when you got full throttle and hit a nasty bump and lose it

We packed the bikes in the two garages right before the rain got freaking nasty

The who can wear their sleeves the longest duel ensued

Jay showing battle wounds but still wearing his shirt

Check out these gems in the Death lab office

If you play hard when your drunk and invincible, the next morning when you sober up and got a crucial hangover you will pay hard. If your Trans is tweaked dont pull the bolts from the bottom all the way out to adjust it.

Thanks everybody for making it a great time and drinking a few beers. Tim and Matt thanks for grilling it up, there are stickers all over your office so have fun finding em for the next few weeks.

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  1. Tim and I are stoked you guys made it out, even though you got stuck sleeping on the floor of the office. Next time we'll get you sorted out before the chaos insues. Thanks again for coming out!