Thursday, August 11, 2011

A night at HOOTERS bike night

This is my second week going to the bike night, I go for the free food and 3 dollar tall boy Bud. Well this is the monstrosity of the bike night.
Neon lights and fishtails that could double as wheelie bars.

But the nice thing of living in a military town is people moving and changing and every once in awhile you find a young kid with an old bike that he doesnt have a clue what he has. This kool Ironhead was there and tried to convert him to the good side but he wants a Fatboy (thats what she said).

JJ and his wife.

Then there is Super Dave (we have too many dave's so we have to nickname them), He has this sweet shovel that I have been wanting to photograph but just never worked out, well last night it did.


The kid with the Ironhead rode the shit out his bike he is gonna need a top-end soon.

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  1. Tell that kid that I'll do him a favor and give him a thousand bucks for that ironhead. Should go a long way toward some neon ground lighting on that future fatboy...