Monday, May 16, 2011

The weekend that was

First off I have to congratulate Kyle and Jessica on their wedding, and best of luck to ya.

After the wedding I shot down to Shallote, NC where my girlfriend works. It is bike week in Myrtle Beach which is about 30 minutes from there so I decided what the heck just ride down you may see something kool.
Outside the Suck Bang Blow was the Wall of Death

This Triumph had some kool parts on it.

This all female rock band were taking 80's music and tweaking it to sound like death metal blasting from the speakers it was great.

This sweet car was in the parking lot for sale

Since when did slab-side shovels belong in glass show cases

Now this bike I took a photo of cause he had anti Obama shit all over it and it was a shovel, the dude that owned it came up to me and started bitching at me cause I took a photo of his bike and wanted to know what it was for. I told him if he didn't want his bike photographed don't come to fucking bike week then retard.

The girls indulging in Jager bombs

Sweet shifter set up on this shovel

This woman just started eating fire right next to me

A very clean and good looking evo

This is what not to do to a buell motor

Unless you want to make it easy for your mechanic to change your rear tire

Every guy must have leopard print bags to match his purple paint, I'm already working to get leopard print for the panhead.

Nice copper lines

So when its hot and your a hot dog pour some condiments on your head

I stopped at the antique store in Myrtle and wanted very badly to buy this Elvis statue

This photo was one of my favorites of the weekend tho. I was cruising down the main strip with bagger nation passing me like crazy, and women that have never ridden before cutting me off in traffic. I saw what had to a 80 year old dude out for a sunday cruise in this awesome car. I of course had my camera around my neck so I grabbed it and amongst the idiots went Kurpius style and stood on my pegs focused the camera and snapped a few pics. When I sat back down and looked at the other bikers they were terrified that I just did that. Well buddy you just keep your feet on the highway pegs and revving your Rhinehart exhaust in your own lane and you will be fine.

I may try to make it back down to see Rebel Son play at the Beaver Bar, so look for me. Adios

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