Monday, May 2, 2011

Burnouts, boobs, lots of beer and Kreatures of the night

Pat cruising on the Ironhead

Hopefully if the guys from Show Class mag like this shoot you will see it there, it was hilarious tho.

We had a friendly game of cornhole going on too.

Russell and Kyle cleaned up shop tho and went undefeated.

Tam stole my hotdog

So the guys hooked me up

This guy I swear was in the movie Wild Hogs

Ashley pouring beer in Tams mouth

Nasty biker chicks

These are the only to pics could post from the ride home, it got out of hand with boobs poping out.

That Kreature followed us to another bar

So I tried to kill it.

The cornhole winners

Russell being a duche and T-bagging my tire.

The crew after we had a great day out riding.

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