Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ok so I have been down a few days with work and helping my girlfriend move, but all is back to normal now and hopefully we can get to work in the shop again. Kyle is back from his honeymoon and can hopefully come out and play as well now. Chip the world traveler I passed yesterday but he didnt wave back.

A nice jockey shift set-up on a fatboy from Myrtle

This sweet 70's Triumph was parked out back.

Caught him as he was buzzing off.

Only went down to see the woman and watch Rebel Son

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  1. First off, if I didn't wave its obviously because I didn't see you. Secondly, don't say the only reason you went down to myrtle was to see the woman and rebel son - we all know you have a closet fettish for 300 rear tires and leather doo rags.