Monday, May 9, 2011

Nate's going away party

The purty mouth and 2 shovels

It was a great time and a good crowd

20 feet worth of bikes

Doug broke out his shovel, and Jordan got his dads out too.

Had a good size fire going

Nate was giving goodbye punches

Nate and Pat

Nate trying to teach Kyle a thing or two before he gets married next weekend

Pat said that vise aint shit

I just want to show this pic, to show that my dad abuses me and I want some compensation for this.

Nate leaving hs mark

Noodle fights

Hog Tie Nate

The girls taking a shot at Nate

Kyle finally gettng the picture and wondering what the hell he is doing getting married

Maddie getting beer

Most importantly dont fuck with my chips and dip at night.

Adios Nate

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