Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Making Moves On Monday

 We started to pull Kevin's motor apart to find out why its giving him problems.  We we first did a compression check and didnt even get 50psi.  So off with the heads.

 We decided the bike needs a valve job, and why we were this far we will just put new pistons in it, the bottom end felt good and tight. 

 Aqua lung came back with some issues, so we adjusted the push rods and had to replace a lifter.  Changing the oil in and away she will go.

 Indy Bill stopped by to mount his dash on his FXR, he looks more outlawish in black and white then color.

 Then came the royal rumble as spiders have taken over the backyard and everything else so we decided to let off each other.
 These 2 went at it for seconds but nothing spectacular, until dave made a flame thrower and offed both of them

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  1. Good to see Indy Bill "in the wind" !!
    Keep on bloggin, I'm always "lurking "