Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Friends, Bikes, Booze, and Love

So you would think we run this shop in our backyard, but actually its just our escape from drama and its fun.  We hada bunch of friends show up this past Sunday to do some work on bikes.  Well it turned out to be a great day, one the best in a long time.
 Potter brought his newly scored Panhead over to do some mock up fab work too, and get the thing running, and to just hangout.

 Keith hooked us up with this sweet Kegerator and even bought us a keg to go in it.

 Indy Bill came over and started knocking out the sissy bar set-up.
 Tim showed up with this 69 FL that he just picked up, and wanted to make some adjustments to it.
 My dad and Tam putting a brake drum on the hub.

 The buddy seat

 Potter's bike is sorta mocked up.
 Parts are everywhere and tools too.
My nose wouldn't stop bleeding so this is what I looked like all night.

The best part is we got to see alot of friends, we cooked a big lunch for everyone, we got to try out the new Kegerator, and we didn't charge a dime for labor or helping our friends out.

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  1. Nice shit and good times, you dudes are one hell of a bunch of motherflockers, love the kegerator.