Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Speed Up To Slow Down And Think

So I have been busting my ass trying to finish my Panhead for the Revenge Run.  Well last night it hit me, why the fuck am I rushing my Panhead.  It's mine and I have another running bike.  Plus I really don't want to rush the break-in procedure of the motor.  So rather than push it.  I'm gonna hold off a minute and do it right.  I'm sending some stuff out to chrome and I'm gonna do this bike nice.  I've waited years for a Panhead and everything is coming together so nice on it so why rush it.  Cassanova sent some sneak peaks of my paint and it looks great.  I didn't send it to just some back woods shop I sent it to the one of the best painters I know and love, so why trash up his work with a shitty performance on my part.  The same goes with my seat set-up from Walt, and Jimmy line boring my cases, I would be pissed if I fucked the motor due to my idiot break-in method.  Plus there is already enough kool bikes on the Revenge Run.
 This is the first picture I got of the Panhead paint
 Coat #2

Coat #3, and I haven't seen any of the artwork yet.

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