Friday, April 6, 2012

Soul Searching

Since the Panhead is not making the Revenge Run, I figured why not add to the excitement and give my sporty a new look.  Dave and I got a  Paughco frame for it in a funny trade we made, and it was gonna be our next winter project.  But what the hell why wait.
 The starting look

 Disassemble time.

 A motorless frame.

 The new frame on the table.

 This is just my mock up plan.

Nothing is set in stone but seriously I'm not worried about paint and powdercoat.  I'm just gonna build this bike and ride it.  I watched Wil Thomas's Born Free video yesterday and said something that was true as hell.  He may can't fabricate like the best of the best but his bikes have a soul.  I stayed up last night till 2am trying to find the soul of this bike.  I made an attempt to mock up the bike, I think I like the way she sits like this.  With my bitchin' Peanut City Geek/MotoScum painted tank to represent my chopper community love.  Gonna try to find a few more pieces but she will be on the Revenge Run so see you nerds there.


  1. For what it's worth, I reckon you've hit the right note and found the soul in the bottom pics . . . good luck.

  2. No shit. Don't paint, don't powdercoat. Looks cool just like that. That rear whitewall works.
    Scrap the stock frame, stamp the original vin # on the neck, and ride it.

  3. Shoprag, are you going to put a sissybar on it? I'm building one that would look cool as hell on that ride...gator