Tuesday, April 17, 2012


In just a short 11 days Dave-o and I transformed my sporty into this.  We took a few days off in those 11 days but we still count them.  We had most everything to make this thing work, but at the same time we did some fabrication too.  I'm stoked and riding the Revenge Run will be fun as hell see you guys there.


  1. Hey Man,

    Finally figured out how to post a comment. The Sporty came out Great !!
    Smitty and I are leaving Thurs. AM and should see you that night in Rocky Mt. ( if the Panheads behave !! )

    PS. Just so you know, I check your blog daily :)

    Scotty, SFFS

  2. Scotty, I just figured this shit out to. anyway, where you guys leaving from? I'm headed to wilmington from Charlotte Thursday morning. if you or anyone else is down to link up, I told ShopRag I'd go to Jacksonville before Rocky Mount. hit me up if you folks are down for a Post-Revenge Run ride along with some debaucheries along the way.

  3. DRTBAG,
    We'll be coming in from Ohio. Should be rolling in mid-evening Thurs.
    Thanks for the invite, we'll keep it in mind.