Monday, April 23, 2012

Revenge Run 3

Revenge Run 3 is over, but the ride and people we met will be around for awhile.  We a small crew ride this year but man was it awesome, Dave and Tam and myself rode to Rocky Mount from Jacksonville.  We had  beautiful weather and a good ride on back roads.    
 Gas stop
 Tam is packed up.
 The Wilmington crew.
 Thursday night Smitty and Scotty rode in on their Panheads after 16 hours of riding.  They crashed pretty quick, but most of us drank in the parking lot and had a good time.  The next morning everybody met up at the Diner for registration.  The fog lifted and we took off.

 The ride to Ocracoke was pretty uneventful. not too many breakdowns, Tim and Matt gave some raffle off and we made it to the campsite in record time.
 We left on the 730 ferry and made good time rolling to Jacksonville.  My ol' man cooked up some food to feed the masses and we got some bikes fixed in the shop so they could make it home.  I dont have any pics of it because one of my camera's got wet and the other one had a full card.  Everybody had a blast tho at the shop.
 Scotty rode the Pan with apes and Smitty rode the other and boy did they make an impression, teaching little tips and techniques to the younger guys that we would never think of.
I'm super surprised to that my bike made it without a hiccup.

Thanks to Tim and Matt for organizing this run, the rest of the DS crew cause you guys rock, MotoSkum for apple mo*#s%+ne for getting me fucked up.  I wish I could have gotten more photos but I screwed up and left my camera out and it got a little wet.  Thanks to Daniel too for filming the entire event, I know its a vacation for me but he worked his ass off the entire time filming and interviewing.

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