Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The OG's

 About 2 weeks ago I took a trip north to Youngsville to visit with the OG's, i first arrived at kevins place and snapped a few pics and drank some of his beer waiting on him.
 Kevin's Flathead

 Well we had to make a run over to Ken's shop to work Kevin's new find.  We tore the whole primary off and began fixing everything as we found neccesary to fix. 

 Ken's shop was spectacular and his wife treated us to some great food that weekend.

There will be an on going theme that will follow this post.  HOSPITALITY. Dave and I have traveled all over the place lately and everywhere we go we are met with some of the best friends and the best treatment.  Some of you would say the same for us but seriously we are just paying it back cause thats how we are treated we feel like. 

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