Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tennessee Mafia

This past weekend Dave and I made a trip north with kentucky being our final destination.  I had to pick up the tins for my Panhead and Dave needed his Shadetree tattoo.  Via Kentucky was Kingsport, Tennessee.
 We stopped at Brother Johns house and was welcomed with chicken on the grill, beer in the fridge, and friends on the porch.  Paulie, and Psycho were there for a bit and we all ate like kings cause Brenda kept filling the table with food she had made.
 As the night progressed we made our way to the shop because we were so loud and had to let the kids sleep.  But the laughter and jokes were abroad.
 Frito's old triumph project
 There was a second crew that rolled in that has us hurting in the stomach from laughter, these are the culprits.
 Low-T aka Mark
 Jarrod, who is very photo genic i must say.
 Pickle and Dave
 These guys are as country as they come, but are awesome guys.  i will be heading back north soon to hang with those guys just so I can see the projects they have.  We are gonna introduce the world to what bikes the Tri-City area can build, they are bitching bikes.
 Its even kooler that they drive a Geo
Some of the morning carnage leftover, the rest made it in the trash.  Thanks Brother John and Brenda for the meal, beer, and beds to rest our heads. 

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