Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Rock 2012

So we departed for The Rock Friday morning and the young guys took the backroads and goofed off at gas stations, and stalled motorcycles in the streets that caused Russell to run over Kyle which was hilarious.
 Kyle is ok from his wreck.
 Russell got a new seat.

 Dave-o had to work on his bike.
 Drag Racing is KOOL

 Burn Outs

 Sam decided to play on the Panhead.

 Scotty and Dave-o working on Leah's bike.
 So we got into a competition in who could put the sticker the highest, they went pretty high.
 All of us enjoying the racing.
Me and Sam, I didn't take many pics this weekend cause I was having too much fun and had my GoPro out, bad thing is I have no clue how to look at what I filmed with my GoPro, if you have any advice please help me out so I can post the videos and pics I took with it.


  1. playback the videos directly on a TV with HD and AV component cables. You should get proper smooth playback on your TV.

  2. If you see SoS that means your file was corrupted during filming for some reason. While SoS is showing on the screen, press ANY BUTTON on the camera and the camera will repair the file. This almost always works. It’s a feature that didn’t get mentioned in the instructions because it was added to the camera right before launch.