Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sunday Progress And The 12 Hour Marathon Monday

 So we started Sunday on Potter's Panhead and went to town on that project.
 Fighting the battle on 2 fronts.

 Nick stopped by on this awesome FXR.
 Unloaded the pan and took her for the initial ride.

 Now for the marathon, Tim showed up with his Pan and it quit on him the weekend, so we looked to see what went bad.  Well it dropped a seat so its in need of a top end.  So we decided to do a motor and trans swap.
 Motor out
 New motor up to bat.
 New motor in, we have to make new exhaust and Tim wants a tin primary on it too.

 Fighting the battle on 2 fronts again.
 Tim kicking and the bike came to life.
In a short 12 hours we transformed this from a Panhead to a Generator Shovel, with a different trans, exhaust, and primary.  I think Tim, Dave. Tam, and myself are all whooped today. 

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  1. that's some serious work.....on the Lord's day!!!!! you and Dave-O are always wrenchin'....