Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Making Mid Controls .....

Using a set of rubber mount Sporty controls to start,
I cut the mount ends off to get.....
This piece as the base for the new mid controls.
I then drilled a 5/8 hole in the middle of the new base piece
which I welded some 5/8 round stock into
Then cut the same piece off of the other Sporty control, and tapped the holes to 3/8-16. Cleaned the paint off and bolted the two together.
Welded the whole assembly to the frame where I wanted the controls
and got to heating and.....
bending to the desired hieght.
THE RESULT mid controls.


  1. Thanks for stealing my design ......

  2. Fingers nobody stole your design, Dave made a set of mid controls for HIS bike, nobody else's bike HIS bike. So chill the Fuck out take more pics of your scoot that you stole the design from Sonny Barger and be merry. Freak, Weirdo, Lurker!

  3. Wow my brother Big love /respect anything you need let me know ..... just saying man and im chilled and I set out to build that bike man and got sonny blessing .......thank, though for complement brother

  4. I like em !