Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New to Harley Davidson

Sorry I haven't been posting I was in Dallas on business. I went to the Harley Davidson dealer show. Now I know what your thinking great another HD salesman trying to sell me his product is the best. Well could care less if you buy my product but Harley Davidson is the best. Look at any grassroots event, or any run, or any blogspot, of course you will see Knuckles, Pans, Shovels, and Ironheads. You will also see mixed in new bikes like 883 Irons, 1200 Nightsters, Dyna's, and Softails. Trust I encourage the radical customization some do, whether you put apes and frisco your tank or you hardtail it and jockey shift I'm all for it. These are some new thing from Harley Davidson.
These are in the resort.

Show this to your grandpa.

The gas tank on the 72

Every metal flake job Harley does will be painted by a human not a machine and the decals are stuck on by a human too. This is a kool breakdown of the paint and layers it takes to get the look.

This is a base model of the 72. Whitewall tires, 2.2 gallon tank, solo seat, and 10 inch apes. The only that sucks is that it's another $11,000 Sportster, which doesn't appeal to a kid that's just gonna chop it.

The Slim is a new softail, it features hollywood bars, 5 gallon gas tank, bobbed rear fender, a pleated solo seat, the crazy thing is that it sits 23 inches off the ground. I met one of the guys who designed the bike his name was Casey and he was rocking a FMA shirt. You got to understand there are a few kool guys in the factory trying to make a difference that just get it but are held down by the corporate people.

This is a new paint job also metal flake for the Nightster. Just like everybody wants a AMF tank I think one day these tanks would be sought after and if they weren't fuel injected you know you would get one.

The post will continue from now sorry for the quiet week.


  1. Looking at the photos, it definitely seems like there were a lot of amazing bikes at the Harley Davidson dealer show in Dallas. That 72 base model looks absolutely perfect! It looks so sharp there. You have to love the skinny, white wall tires and the big 21-inch front wheel. And you still get that punch in the gut when you speed it up because it still has a 1200cc V-Twin engine that has a peak torque of 3,500 rpm!

    @Erik Lucien

  2. I'll definitely show these pictures to my grandpa, like what you've said, Shoprag! Who knows what might he do if he sees this? He might be overwhelmed with joy, or he might yearn for this one and eventually buy one. Heheh. Who knows?

    Clare Westby

  3. It's not true that true that motorcycles are all about being rough and rugged and you can never put elegance into it. These shiny babies are living proof, especially that black sportster! It will leave you gazing in awe and I promise you that your jaw will drop once you see it in the flesh.

    Hannah Parkin