Thursday, January 5, 2012

Down to the little things

So when we finish the Panhead and Ironhead builds we got some more projects lined up, (Don't worry Potter your spot in line hasn't moved).

We began making a few brackets for the exhaust as I like to have 3 points of contact.

The exhaust is finally mounted and finished.

Now to solve my fork stop situation, I saw this design on a bike that was in the many pictures from the David Mann Show. I thought the idea was awesome.

The fork stop in place and tacked up, should have good turning radius.

With the cold temps we have had lately at night here in the down in the teens, this wall heater is the shit.


  1. Let me get that knucklehead! I need one ridiculously!

  2. Not mine but he may be willing to do a trade

  3. Word, let me know. I'll even trade money.